Company culture:

Fair, fair and open

Corporate purposes:

Create a world-class silicone brand

Enterprise spirit: unity, pragmatism, innovation and development

Unity-sincere cooperation, team learning, everyone adds firewood to the flames
Pragmatic - speak with facts, start everything from reality
Innovation - surpass oneself, surpass the past, forge ahead and increase vitality
Development-culture first, sustainable development, and take the road of own development

Service purposes:

Meet customer needs and provide customers with satisfactory service

Management thought:

Continuous improvement, continuous improvement, and gradual improvement
Not finding the problem is the biggest problem

Production policy: safety, economy, civilization, and environmental protection

Safety-Responsible to yourself, responsible to others, responsible to the company, and responsible to society
Economy - improve efficiency, save costs, ensure quality, and lead in technology
Civilization - Be a civilized person, do civilized things, build a civilized site, and create a civilized factory
Environmental protection - no regrets for future generations

Employment mechanism:

Let those who can and want to do something to do
Let those who can and don’t want to do nothing


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